You can play zuma computer games free for online. It doesn’t matter, if you are a fan of Zuma or you are simply searching for an easy entertaining game. You are absolutely on the right place! Welcome on our website mega-zuma.com where the magic world of Zuma Computer Games will open up absolutely free online for you!

Get started right now

The Zuma games are designed specially for online playing and are perfect for full screen so no need to download them. You can simply push PLAY-BUTTON and start your level. Try all of them and trace your scores, taking the leader positions in ranking. What is more, you can share your scores and ask to join your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

How to play Zuma Game?

In any zuma game there are 3 main points:

  1. a shooting Zuma (like a frog, a cat or a panda)
  2. a line of colorful balls (like frutti balls, colorful pills or doughnuts)
  3. a critical end of the path

You need to collect 3 or more balls of one color in a row with the help of shooting creature, completing the color combination and eliminating the chain. To go to the next level, you need to clear up the chains of all balls, not letting them to reach the end of the path. Try getting the bonuses to slow down the balls, increase the scores (x2, x3,x10!) and many others.

Discover the richness of Zuma online World

We know, that in flash games it is important to have good graphics and easy navigation so that’s why here you can find any type of Zuma game, which will be the best for you! Try all and choose the one you like most of all:

  • Zuma Deluxe
  • Zuma Africa (with the frutti balls)
  • Zuma Dr.Pill (with the colorful pills)
  • Zuma Lemonade (with the colored lemons)
  • Zuma Asian (with the funny faces)
  • Zuma Revenge

And a lot, really A LOT more!

Last but not least, remember to add mega-zuma.com to your bookmarks, to play your favorite Zuma game anytime, anywhere!