Zuma Revenge

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Zuma Revenge is a puzzle game that was created by PopCap in 2009 year. The name of game derives from the name of Aztec leader. In comparison with other games zuma, Revenge features boss battles as well as high-definition graphics. Zuma’s Revenge is the most popular Zuma game. All visitors can play Zuma Revenge and make sure that it’s a incredible game. You have opportunity to get a nice gaming experience and relax in front of a screen.
The purpose of Revenge is to destroy all balls. A gamer should make groups of three or more balls at the same color.
Do it by dint of the frog who can shoot and destroy chains of balls. The main task is to don’t let balls reach the skull. Keep in mind, If you let it, then you will lose! Play Zuma Revenge without download, it’s convenient for people, who wants to play at work. I have been playing Zuma Revenge for 5 years. When I was office worker I played it every day, every free minute and it kept me from going insane at work. Your enemies are multi-colored balls, they want to ruin the world and kill you, because you are the only one who can save the planet from death. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. Add some adventures to your life by dint of this game. In my opinion, you will be happy if you start playing Revenge right now.

Why do you need to play Zuma Revenge?

First of all, it’s a great way to spend time and get enjoy. Secondly, puzzle games is good for the brain and helps improve your memory. Don’t need download it, and you can play Revenge wherever you are. It’s a modern flash game from American company PopCap. There are lots of games on this website and you have opportunity to choose what you need. Please, share Zuma Revenge with your friends on social network.
Have a nice game.

Zuma Revenge
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  • Type: swf
  • Name: Zuma Revenge
  • Controls: left, right, down